Apple ProRes RAW and Avid DNx Activation

Activate your choice of codec to unlock the full capability of you camera and Atomos monitor-recorder.

Apple ProRes RAW and Avid DNx are optional FREE codecs you can add to your compatible Atomos devices (see compatibility list below). You only need to activate the codec you want one time. After that it will be available for the lifetime of the product. Before activating these we advise that you install the latest version of AtomOS for your devices available to download via

Avid DNx provides lightweight visually lossless images up to mastering quality, significantly reducing file sizes, as well as bandwidth and storage requirement to accelerate your production workflow. DNx codecs are available:

DNxHD up to 30p/50i:

  • Ninja 2
  • Ronin
  • Ninja Blade
  • Samurai Blade

DNxHR upto 4kUHD 30p:

  • Shogun*
  • Ninja Assassin
  • Shogun Studio
  • Shogun Flame*
  • Ninja Flame
*4k DCI only available via RAW to DNxHR

DNxHR up to 4kDCI 60p:

  • Shogun Inferno
  • Ninja Inferno
  • Shogun 7
  • Ninja V
  • Shogun Studio 2
  • Neon Series

Apple ProRes RAW applies ProRes compression technology to RAW image data coming from the camera sensor. This delivers the flexibility of RAW video with the incredible performance of ProRes in a format ideal for high-dynamic-range (HDR) content creation.

ProRes RAW codecs are available on:

  • Shogun 7
  • Shogun Inferno*
  • Sumo19*
  • Ninja V
  • Shogun Studio 2
Note: AtomOS 9 does not require the activation on ProRes RAW.

For the one time activation of these codecs you will need to provide your email address and the unique Device ID (DID) that can be located within the AtomOS menus on your device.

AtomOS 9 and below:

  • Press the blue menu button
  • Press the information button

AtomOS 10 and above:

  • Selecting the codec you would like to activate will present both the DID and the activation menu.

If you need to locate the DID you can find this via the settings menu.

  • Without any tools activated press the options slider icon
  • Scroll the screen to the right to access the Info menu.

Generate your Activation Code

Enter your email address and DID into the form below, and press Submit.
Your activation code will be displayed on screen and we’ll also follow up with and email to confirm the code.

Note: - When entering the Atomos DID information, please be mindful to correctly enter the code from your device making sure not to confuse numbers and letters 0 with 0 or 1 with I

Email address:
Device ID (DID):

Now unlock your recorder:

AtomOS 9 and 10:

1. Tap the Codec icon on the at the top of the screen to open the codec selection menu.
2. Select the codec you would like to activate
  a. AtomOS9 and below the Blue arrow next to DNx or ProRes RAW
  b. AtomOS10 and above tap to toggle through to the codec name you’d like to activate and then press confirm.
3. When prompted enter your 4-digit Activation Code above into the Unlock codec page then select OK / confirm 4. Your device will reboot and be reconfigure for your chosen codec, either DNx or ProRes RAW
5.Your chosen codec can now be freely selected from the codec option menu of your Atomos device.

Switching between Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD:

When switching between these codec types pressing ‘OK’ or ‘Confirm’ will reboot the device into the relevant mode. Once within the selected codec you can select the compression types i.e. ProRes HQ, 422 etc. without rebooting the device but please make sure to press ‘Confirm’ or ‘OK’ to activate the change.

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